CORTEN BARBEQUE: 12x12x36″, all measurements based on 1/4″ scale, natural finish, when grill is removed it functions as a fire pit, very heavy.

After an exhaustive search last summer for a modern barbeque, I decided to build one. All of the steel used in this project was found second hand at a salvage steel yard in Portland, Oregon. The walnut handle is built from material found in a cabinet maker’s scrap bin.

There are a few things I keep in mind as I work. First, I believe that “beauty is the highest order of sustainability”. If a designer can make a thing that is pleasing to the eye, it will have a long life without replacement. Second, an object should be built to last. Again emphasizing that replacement is the worst thing that can happen in the life-cycle. Third, source materials locally from recycled, salvaged, or renewable sources. Build your product with end of cycle in mind…bolting or screwing, not gluing.

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